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The Mind to Disturb collection was designed to elevate classical leisurewear into a fresh dimension. Elegant and versatile, crafted for maximum comfort both in- and outdoors. Orazio’s aim was to disclose his own alternating state of mind between freedom and isolation during the pandemic.


Founded on traditional home wear qualities, the narrative behind Orazio’s work leads to further definition. In his own interpretation the “mind to Disturb” and “do not Disturb” notes refer to the visualisation of a changing state of mind, resulting from the actuality in which free will of the individual plays a key role. 

The premiere convertible cotton pyjama selection includes three different embroidered lounge wear sets and a turtleneck. The seven different items are defined by wide collar lapels, casual boxy fits and gentle colour choices with hand-written embroidered details.  


Orazio revealed the selection, by screening a behind the scenes themed video, rich in fluid movements and balletic elements. By the combination of warm indoor studio setting and edgy industrial components, using bubbles, 60’s inspired telephones, dance and flying pillows with the assistance of friends and family members. 


watch the video here