'Mind to 'Disturb'  -


The collection was designed to elevate classical leisurewear into a fresh dimension. Elegant and versatile, crafted for maximum comfort both in- and outdoors.


This collection is for those who find themselves disturbed by the contradictory reality of our modern world, those who are fully aware of the meaning of their lives. Find ways to relax in style in our premiere convertible pyjama series, and don't forget to wear a smile in the meantime!


Katalin Kedves- photographer

Orazio Scelsa - creative director

Vince Topolánszky - dancer, model

Léna Horváth - dancer, model

Málna Dóra Horváth - model

Elisa Scelsa - PA, model, stylist

Mária Vanyovszki - fashion consultant, model

Kriskó Gergő & Kozma Leó - video maker

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