• Orazio Scelsa

Earth Day Thoughts

Friday was the International Eart Day, I would like to share some thoughts about it.

Do you agree that the Earth is dying? If you think so you are right.

We can slow down the process of it’s destruction but unfortunately we can’t stop it anymore.

Our fossils will run out and the globe will be warmer in every single year. The world leaders can meet in conferences and agree on reduction of clymate change in Paris and make ’Earth Day’ but it will not work without us, without our contribution.

Little drops make an ocean so don’t hesitate, let's make a change on our bad habits and give a livable planet to our upcoming generations.

Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Many simple mathods can help a lot. Return the lightbulbs, the glass bottles the batteries and collect rubbish selectively. Make compost if you have garden, bring your old clothes to the collecting points, use textil shopping bag and use less paper for printing.

Let's keep our environment clean and healthy together!

Here are some pictures from a Saturday afternoon walk in the woods.