• Orazio Scelsa

My Exchange Experiences

Hello again, I am back!

Let me tell you about my latest experience, I participated in an exchange program with Italian students from Bologna.

My week was extremely packed with things to do, interesting adventures full of joy and happiness. I made friendships for a lifetime and I have unforgettable memories.

When the Italian students hosted us in October 2015 in a small town near Bologna, called Sasso Corvaro, it was one of my greatest experiences. I found it exciting to be part of a real Italian family, making real Italian friends. It was basically supposed to be an English ex-change program, but as I am half-Italian I 'cheated' and used mainly Italian.

This year was my second time to participate in an exchange, as last spring I hosted a Dutch girl from Wagheninghen and I travelled to the Netherlands in May 2015. This was as well in English and I remember to have improved a lot during these periods spent with other foreign, English speaking students.

I think exchange programs are great occasions to make friendships for a lifetime and be open to get to know new people. They can give you cultural insights or even love. Last but not least they improve your language skills as nothing else can. Travelling to a foreign country and being part of a different society for a period of time can be hard though, but these programs are also useful for us to improve how to cope with difficult situations and accept habits unlike ours.

Pictures by Dóri miknyóczki


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