• Orazio Scelsa

I MEAN a lot

Could dressing influence your self-confidence?

Sometimes I feel uncertain because I want to give my best in every part of my life. I found this extraordinary sweater on the Curate the Content instagram page. The brand got me with its philosophy;

the products with clean colours put me in a tranquil mood so I decided to order from the page.

As you see the sweater with its outstanding colour and the "I mean a lot " sign communicates self-confidence. The philosophical background of the CONTENTMENT word emphasizes the ideal of solace and healthy self-esteem in the name of slowness. CONTENTMENT is a mental and emotional state in which a form of happiness is realized through the acceptance of life situations.

It was a great choice to purchase and I can proudly say that I live the CONTENTMENT feeling every time when I walk on the street in this sweater and believe me only those know who wear it.

The I MEAN a lot sweater is made from 95% pure cotton and 5% elastane.

The CONTENMENT GYM BAG is made from an unbreakable, reusable and waterproof paper called tyvek.

Pictures by Viki Rab


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