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Hi Guys!

I have never worn a hat before but when I found this leather one on the attic I felt a special intention to wear it. I knew that this object belonged to a person who stands close to my heart.

As you probably did not know my Italian grandfather was called Orazio, therefore my name is Orazio. He had an excellent fashion sense he was a great businessman and he travelled all the time. My Italian relatives say that I am the exact copy of him, well probably grandpa' wouldn’t wore "all black" outfit but I wanted to try something new which was a little bit far from what I usually wear.

When I’m unsure about myself I remember that someone would stand by my side and this person would be my Grandfather, Orazio.

Btw it's my birthday today and I made some resolutions in connection with blogging and posting...

  • I'm going to post more frequently

  • I'm gonna' do some sports

  • And I want to do unique things.

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hat: from the attic/

tee,pants: H&M/

oxford shoes: Selfridges, Office uk/


Pictures by Zsálek Balázs

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