• Orazio Scelsa

Classic Chic

I really like to combine modern and “old” in everyday life and this is reflected in the way how I combine my clothes.

My appearance might be mismatching for some eyes but in my point of view it’s a kind of esteem to the “good old days” and the keeping up with the times at the same time.

This Ducsai Leather Goods backpack, of which I can speak about only in superlatives, is the perfect sample of a “classic chic” piece which I was seeking for.

It’s a classic piece because of the fine leather details and it’s chic because of its shaping and its secret production methods. It perfectly goes for casual clothing in everyday life and it stands as a perfect accessory for an elegant outfit in any occasion.

The KLOCC backpack is the perfect companion!

Pictures by Dóri Miknyóczki