• Orazio Scelsa

Cosy moments

Thinking, thinking, thinking this is what I was doing in the past month, overcomplicating and worrying about things that I can’t control. Do I have time for myself?! New places, new faces. Do I live them? Do I care about them? My question was instead of remaining in the past and fearing about the future do I live in the present?! I started to learn what it is like to take my mind off, to live my cosy moment, my self-time. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and let my thoughts wander and stop from the rush and problems.

As a first step to jump-off the state of overload and to have more “cosy” moments I began to take nice walks in the city. Now I’m an observer of life around me from behind my shades. I look up to the sky, attentively look at the buildings around me, listen to the noises, feel the wind, sun and rain.

One of those cosy days was when my photoshoot for the Up to Style magazine took place. Up to Style team helps me to calm down. Their minimalist way of life and mindset reminds me to focus on the essence of life. Their products are super simple and exclusive and they aim to achieve calmness and to make everyday life simpler and better. My ‘Rains’ backpack fulfils my needs 100% and I’m super happy and grateful for them to have accepted me as their member.

To follow: some pictures with my ‘dream bag’.

By Zsófi Bodnár

Don’t forget to live in the moment!