• Orazio Scelsa


Lately I've been into the 90s urban street style. Loose Retro Tees, baggy acid-wash carpenter jeans, laces as belts, white socks and super comfortable trainers. Tisza This time I put together a retro look with a street style brand from hungary called Tisza Cipő (Tisza Shoes). A brand which roots back to 1942' the times of my grandparents and the times of socialism in my country. In 2003 the Tisza Cipő company was reborn by a creative team and thanks to their successful strategy the brand released several campaigns. Other than producing shoes recently they appeared with accessories, slippers, bags, polos etc. as well. This kind of style reminds me of the times when I was a kid. As the way I was grown up, I got used to keep my clothes clean, but when I'm wearing daddy jeans I want to get dirty and sit everywhere on the street like a quirky kid. Shoes: Tisza Cipő White Logo T-shirt: Tisza Cipő Blue Retro T-shirt: Tisza Cipő Pants and socks: H&M Black shoe lace: Tisza Cipő


Lilla Mihalik