• Orazio Scelsa

Wear your heart

Every season of the year is particular on its own way, althought I don't go for winter, at its begining my brain is on it’s peak.

I feel thoughtful, emotional and attracted by novelty, I start to consider my issues calling to mind and start to create. I'm a firm believer in trying new things out in every field of life especially when it comes to clothing as you have probably noted earlier. This pink sweater has more than its eye-catching colour, It brings a key message to make a "better world".

Remember to " Wear your heart on your sleeve" rather then hiding, make your emotions and feelings obvious and don't fear from newness beacuse that is the future.

The sweater belonged to my grandfather who has passed and It was ‘re-touched’ by my sweet friend Liza. This photoshoot was in november last year and I guess I've changed a bit.

Haven’t I?!

Pictures by Dóri.