• Orazio Scelsa

Steppin' into the new year 2018- COS

I can well remember what my plans were last year and as I did in 2017, I will set my goals for a special 2018 as well.

Goals make me motivated and my future vision keeps me moving forward day - by - day.

Neither the destination nor the success, but the road that leads me to reach my goal matters.

I try to be wise and patient and give my best every time on the way even if I don't always succeed.

Several times I didn't make it all but I'm aware that the work taught me to be tougher and wiser.

I wish you a wonderful 2018 and remember, the fact that you reach your goals is not as important as the way you made yourself through.

Wearing COS aw17 from head to toe except my green Dr. Martens boots.

Pictures by: Bogi Bognár