• Orazio Scelsa

Milan Women's Fashion Week

Lets speak about my favourite designers, I got to know during the five days I've spent in Milan. I'm very grateful for all the brands who responded to my e-mail and sent their invites to me and made these days magical!

Pedro Pedro : The fashion show which gave the perfect kick to start the week! In a break with “casual sportswear” his clothes are clearly more formal, representing a new “workwear” attitude with flowing, feminine items, loose shapes and oversize styles.

Carlos Gil fashi on show had unexpected details inspired by the 70’s & 80’s disco concept. Carlos made the looks feel both elegant and urban and straight to the point, “ready-to-go”, modern, practical and fashionable. These adjectives could describe the "Carlos Gil’s Woman”.

Twins Florence , the women's apparel that I would wear. The products are designed by Linda Calugi, and made by Italian artisans belonging to historical family-owned leather manufacturer based in Tuscany. All products are handmade and naturally, with top quality leather and fabrics.

Gigi Boglioli showed his inner capability to always stay one step ahead with his collection. Their motto: "We have always believed that our task was to think beyond the horizon of the widespread conformism"

AGL , back to 1958 when Piero Giusti started his own couture shoe brand which nowadays in the hands of the Giusti sisters. I have never seen such a unique shoe manufacturer, very refreshing!

My current favourite bag designer, Orciani . „Everything crosses with everything, ignoring all frontiers. Aesthetically and physically speaking. Cross-style really stands for the freedom of choice in clothing, but it also represents globalization int he aesthetic sense in general” said Franca Sozzani talking about the FW18-19 collection.

Borbonese keeps it smart and casual, feminin and elegant. Simply loved the collection and the preview.

Mr&Mrs Italy, the king of the Italian Parka. The London-based Italian designer Antonio Berardi gave a special touch to his fall18 collection. Long bombers, painted coats, reversible jackets and many fur on hoodies, this is how I could describe my first touch with the brand.

Cristiano Burani FW18” -Erotic obsession blended with sport elements in a cool and urban mix and match. Activewear details mixed with sexy and provocateur elements to define a new femininity” My personal favourite was the use of lurex and fur together, the red looks were fantastic in the Palazzo Reale mirror room.

UJOH FW18: Japanese inspiration with English sartorial tradition. Asymmetrical garments characterized by different layers of fabrics, that stand out on the runway.

Simply loved the collection and the prewiev.

Coliac by Martina Graselli. Derbies, loafers, and pumps in a western-inspired style together with the metallic studs have a rock ’n’ roll style.

Atsushi Nakashima : The collection recalles street-style fashion by high-tech Japanese craftsmanship. The products are 100% made in Japan, cut jacquard materials placed stencil letters and military specification in the whole cloth and realize complicated final work. 

Lura Biagiotti: "The dress is a behavioral expression of our way of being" -Cashmere, silk, velvet, lace, faux fur all created to be worn at all times, this is Lura Biagiotti a true genius who makes all women feel feminine.

Fay Brand, FALL18: I should probably say that the best ready-to-wear presentation I’ve ever seen, extravagant yet wearable pieces! I very much liked the models acting in the cut-out trains, planes, clouds and vintage coin operated telephones.

“I just thought, make it a bit more fun, a bit cooler, but keep it very wearable and the idea was to make clothes to travel in, so it was hardly rocket science” said Arbesser the creative director of Fay.

Juzui Fashion Show: Closing the week with the Chinese Juzui and the "happiness" collection again in the Plazzo Reale. Magical!

 Special thanks to my sister Elisa for most of the pictures made during the fahion week!