• Orazio Scelsa


Dear reader, I would like to take you back to a year ago in my life, when I was casually checking my phone after a basic day at school to see all the stories that people uploaded to Instagram. For a few moments, I could travel the world through my screen, I could have a glimpse of other people’s life from all around the world: experiencing a fashion month, going to fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan. Now, a year after, I must admit that my life has changed completely: I moved to another country, I became a private student so I have basically started to live a whole different life than I used to have. After all these things I could have never imagined that in one year’s time I will be sitting in the first rows of Milan Fashion Week or that I will be invited to restaurants in Budapest and even to collection launch parties in Florence. Believe in yourself, set your goals, listen to your instincts and I promise, reality will be better than your dreams. Nothing is impossible, please remember that!

Pictures by Bogi

Full look by H&M