• Orazio Scelsa

Florence and MFW in a week

Sunshine, 32 degrees celsius, icy drinks and shades all day every day. This is summer, the best part of the year when I am full of enthusiasm and motivation. Freedom of school responsibilities makes me capable to focus my energy on the things, I like to do and to push myself into creativity. Summer has started quick and very good this year. I’m already back again to my beloved Milano for Men’s Fashion Week to see the M1992 and Miguel Vieira show, and the day after Etro #naturamanifesta, Eleventy rooftop breakfast and Big Uncle Clothing presentations, while just some days before I was in Florence for ASOS Italy party and COS event. Could I wish for a better summer start?!

M1992 SS19. "We are a collective based in a digital section of the universe. Surfing the future, saving the past for a new order of feelings. Released on a gloomy Sunday on the ocean..." Dorian Stefano Tarantini started his brand only a few years ago. Through Instagram he reached the most famous people of the world in order to make them wear his clothes. Nicky Minaj and Kendrick Lamar gave him a crazy kickstart on the way of fame. His collection pictures a fuzzy but yet free youth who wears floating materials such as techno paper contrasted with haute couture fabrics and embroideries, deep red and ISKO Reform Jeans made with a special technology to maintain its form without washing.

Miguel Vieira SS19. Continuing the celebration of its 30 year career the collection has its starting point in the inspiration of colours and vintage illustrations. With a focus on post modern graphics and prints, classic pieces were combined with sporty details. The result is a streetwear culture to the emphasis given to tailoring and also to a very strong urban aesthetic.

Eleventy is launching the soft formal style, that creates a dialogue between the business and the leisure world. Why can't be suits worn with a sweatshirt or jogging pants with constructed jackets? These questions came in Marco Baldassari's mind creating his collection. This season the Eleventy man got a fancy 60s tennis and baseball style touch with the colours as vibrant lemon yellow grey, grass green, brown, blue, sand, red and the shades of blue. The materials are silk, denim and luxury Japanese canvas.

Etro #naturamanifesta presentation:

Big Uncle SS19 presentation:

Cos x Pitti Uomo. "Soma is a capsule collection of menswear essentials presented through the choreography of Wayne McGregor. Each piece is timeless, designed with longevity in mind. Craftsmanship and modernity have been combined to produce understated garments that can be relied upon for years to come. Everyday movements formed the starting point for Soma. Gestures that we are unaware of making – unconscious, unintentional.