• Orazio

Blended style

I have always been gravitated towards things that derive from the past especially when it comes to clothing. I like to mix modern and old, new and used in my wardrobe. Vintage clothes are not just pieces of your closet but clothes that have a story to tell, time has made them precious in my eyes. Especially in fall season, the best way to spend your weekend mornings are flea markets. They are something next level, a place full of unique pieces where the present and past blend in one.

I must admit and probaly warn you that many shops back the hype of the vintage clothing trend and sell their items pretty overpriced. That is one of the reasons why people choose mass production. But not only because of fashion and trends or just attraction toward the past, but also because of counsciousnes towards our Planet, I recommend you choose flea markets to shops. Full look: thrifted