• Orazio Scelsa

Letter to February

Hello February! Propably I should take up with the fact that you surprise me each year with your outcomes. This time you have even outdid your unpredictable feature an brought vast changings in my life. After almost two years spent in Italy, I moved back to Budapest to finish my highschool studies. Not just school but my private life has changed considerably. I'm slowly getting less dependent on my parents managing my own life from grociery shopping to cleaning etc. Back to school this time was hard but because I clarified my goal to get into university in Milan. I have the hope when I get up in the morning and so day-by-day I give my best to achieve my dream.

Changing is the only constant in my life lately which requires a strong inner balance, self-esteem and consciousnes from me in order to be able to cope with new situations. I am still tackling on the way to reach that state but I'm getting closer and closer. P.s. Thank you for teaching me to remember to set my goals and to not have fear of altering them! Best, Orazio

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