• Orazio Scelsa


“If you never try you will never know” the sentence which had a great effect on me through my life.

As a child I was paralysed in the dark. Every time the lights went off behind me leaving a room I started to walk faster. Even in the metro I waited the next stop’s lights to appear through the windows more than anything. The fear of the dark had rather a positive effect on me after I overcame the worry of being surrounded by it as I gradually became secure of myself.

I do have doubts and I can be scared of imaginary things like everyone else at times but the one thing I'v been taught from life is that power lays in experience. The jump should be taken but the fall shouldn’t be feared, the more times you face what you are feared of, the stronger your inner self becomes and no-one can get away from you this security.

The pics were made with an analogue cam I hope you like them.