• Orazio Scelsa

"Never ending story"

I barely ever score in basket, I'm very bad at video games and air hockey isn't my best either, but I have a thing with everything which recalls the past. From games to music through clothing, dances and rituals no matter what, if its from the 80's I'm obsessed. When I try to imagine life back in the 80's as it might have been, I start to envy those who lived in those times. As I think self expression was roaring and radical change was bound to happen, but still in a different way than in our times. Earlier the online world was limited or yet non existing, therefor personal interaction was much more pressed, in this way everything needed more time to be created making a better base to have an impact on the future. Although the huge impact on my style of the 80's, I hope the Demodogs won't chase me into a never ending story...

(watch Stranger Things to relate)