• Orazio Scelsa

Throw Back

I have planned to tell you about my feelings about quarantine probably months ago, but as weeks have passed, also its meaning has changed to me. At first glance social distancing felt hard but later I've found myself at ease. No f.o.m.o., no rushing, and getting back to roots (aka to my parents).


To be honest it feels unreal when I check on the calendar as it is already May, but I can happily say that I've finally managed to be in present.



Such a Throw Back to when I was a child! The World felt so huge and so far away from my little room, yet so close to me in my imagination. I remember living day-by-day by my own rhythm, planning what I would do when I "grow up" and get away from home.



I remember that kid full of strength, motivation and creativity yet so not sure about his first steps into a hasty world.

So here I am with the same emotions.