• Orazio Scelsa


Even if I have so many places to stay when I'm back in Hungary. Those who know me well, know that I'm craving to have a permanent place which I can call my home...

I had to completely re-design my year due to the pandemic and my imagined "Milanese uni life" turned out to be the life I used to have. So even if things have changed and I could not realise my plans, (this is not the worst scenario I am aware of that), after some weeks of turmoil I came to the conclusion that I will not stop because I cannot stop!


Needed a little reminder that I am in possession of two precious things which cannot be taken away, namely my knowledge and youth. Talking about the "golden years" to really live and form my personality, broaden my mind, socialise and to get stimulated by everything and everyone.


Although, we all know that the realisation of such values are not enough without control and action to be taken. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you little juvenile. Let's shake things up together, take action, take your first step! Do me a favour and get inspired, start to create and most importantly do not waste your time! We are the next generation, we are the new! We got this!!!


Paintings from ArtediPino.com