est. 2020

Hey, this is Orazio!


I am a 21 years old Italo - Hungarian boy raised in a multi-cultural family, this is what gives me the interest and ability to connect with people of different cultures and backgrounds. Throughout my teenage years, I’ve been a life-style guru, fashion blogger, influencer, travel maniac, with a life I’m proud of and grateful for. 


Although, as I am currently a University student in Milan studying International Relations and Global Affairs and proceeding towards a completely different career than fashion design, I have always wanted to express my own taste and sense of style. From a drive to turn the page, and start a new chapter in my life, I took the challenge and started Orazio’s. 


I was about 10 years old, living in Hungary, when I started to ask my parents to tell stories about my Italian grandfather who sadly passed away before time and after whom I got named. The stories about him, the pictures and belongings, especially his clothes, inspired me in several ways not just when it comes to looks but shaping my personality as well. He was a kind of idol to me. 


With the brand Orazio’s, my aim is to provide essential garments to the youngsters of the next generation. To those of you who know how to proudly yet modestly manifest your personal values and connect with others, respecting the past and embracing future.


Thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoy this Journey !